Saturday, June 19, 2010

Classic Tiramisu

If you wanna make something, do it right. And because I so believe, I hunted all through town to find marsala wine. I finally hit jackpot at the China Square Mall Cold Storage outlet. What are the odds...

Marsala wine, is a fortified wine produced in Sicily. No, its not Indian and whilst the italians have a dish named marsala chicken, its not the same as the chicken tikka masala found at indian restaurants. These were the facts I found whilst nailing down the right recipe to try.

Short of making my own lady's fingers, or savoiardi as the italians may call it, I followed the recipe to the t. Made the zabaglione and pastry cream over a bain marie the night before, let it chill in the fridge, then continued the next day with the whipping cream, and layering the tiramisu. Whilst attempting to dip the lady's fingers in the rum/espresso concoction, I thought I had it ll figured out - I'll use chopsticks! so I wouldn't have to dirty my fingers. And I thought the chinese had got it all. Hah, my first piece of lady's fingers soaked up the mixture and crumbled into two. I went back to using my own fingers instead.

Much to my delight, the tiramisu turned out superb. Credit to the recipe!

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