Saturday, March 14, 2009


"Strength is the ability of break a chocolate bar unto four pieces with your bare hands - and then just eat one piece." - Judith Viorst

If you asked me, I'd tell you that I'm not a fan of chocolate. Chocolate ice cream, chocolate bars, chocoate cakes, chocolate anything... I seldom have much trouble resisting them, save for the occasional moment when I'm craving something sweet and other saccharine delights are nowhere in sight. But I've been wanting to bake a chocolate cake of sorts for a while now, partly because Dennis is a huge fan and partly because, well...just because.

I found this recipe after pouring through pages and pages of cookbooks. Even scoured online for those with images, in hope that one would entice me but none seemed to call out... til I saw this one. Its appeal? Simple, no-frills, no over-the-top decorations. Just cake. I did sneak in some homemade apricot preserve between the two moist layers of chocolate cake though. It went well.

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