Thursday, June 4, 2009

Bagelry Chronicles

I have a dream - To make the perfect bagel.
I plan to expend every bagel recipe, test ever possible variation there is til my bagels surpass satisfaction.

The last time I had these wonderful morsels of bread was during a work stint in NY 3 years ago. Since coming back to singapore, I've yet to find a bagel that comes anywhere near. I've received many well-meaning suggestions: various coffee and supermarket chains, bakeries in district 9,10, 11 etc. But none have matched up and so I somewhat forgot about them.

On my recent trip to US for my brother's graduation, I once again had the chance to eat them. Oh sweet bread! Okay, bagels aren't exactly sweet, just an expression. But I'll tell you what the perfect bagel is - Crispy on the outside, dense and chewy on the inside. The best bagels are so flavourful, you can eat them as is.

So here, I begin my quest for the perfect bagel. The recipe I used is adapted from I didn't have malt syrup, its not your average cold storage item and I wasn't about to add horlicks (yes, horlicks is a malted milk drink) into the flour mixture so honey had to do this time.

Verdict? dense and chewy. But the crisp isn't quite there yet. Think I really need to look for malt syrup too. could taste the honey on the outer layer. Was alright...but I think malt would have tasted better.

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